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Julie Varnhagen
2 London Rd
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South Australia

Naturopathy  Nutrition  Herbal & Homoeopathic medicines   Iridology    Massage   Cupping   Dry needling   Ear candling   Biomesotherapy    Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis- Nutritional deficiences/excesses/heavy metal toxicity?    Food Detective Test - Food intolerances?  

My Professional aim:

To help you, using individually designed Naturopathic protocols: with assistance of natural medicines, diet & lifestyle to treat or prevent acute and chronic dis-ease of the body. We work together in achieving better health, stronger immunity and vitality.

I avoid excessive or over restrictive regimes, that can be costly and difficult. Simple & easy to manage for better results!

Practising since 2000 Ive been helping people of all ages, including children. I get professional satisfaction & personal joy when we work together to achieve your wellness goals.

I can help with complaints of:

Digestion & Liver health: A range of gut problems including: IBS, indigestion/reflux, inflammation, parasite & imbalanced gut flora, food allergies

Urinary: Uti, acidity, kidney health

Respiratory: Sinus, Bronchial, Seasonal allergies, asthma

Reproductive: Hormone imbalance, PMS, Menopause 

Mental health: Stress, Emotional mood imbalance, cognitive function

Skin issues

High BP, cholesterol

and many more...



Advanced Dip.App.Sc.Hon -Naturopathy
Accredited with ANTA & M&MA

Advanced CPD certificate of Dry needling
Certificate of Biomesotherapy/Biopuncture   

Eftpos/credit card facility.                                                                                   
Accredited Provider with most Health funds.  

What is a Naturopathic consultation?

An initial Naturopathic consultation with me involves taking a detailed history of your past and recent health. This will also include family predispositions and tendencies which give an insight to your own problems. You are welcome to bring any recent blood test results or current medications with you to the appointment.Tests can be ordered if necessary eg. HTMA, Food Detective Test, and other Hormone/Endocrine tests.

Together we discuss your concerns and the ways possible to ensure positive healthy outcomes, realistically. The level of commitment and expected time needed to see this improvement is also discussed during the first appointment as this is a very important aspect to the overall success of your personal back to health regime/plan.

I work with people of all ages, children are most welcome, they respond very well to natural therapies which are non-invasive and very safe.

The consultation takes approximately 1 hour and is of course confidential.

Health fund rebates apply with extras cover.

Subsequent Appointments

Follow up/Review appointments are spaced according to severity of illness and depending on the likely expected improvement time frame, approx. 2-3 weeks.

The wellness plan including medicine or treatment are likely to change as your health patterns change. Altering the prescription subtly will allow for continued improvement, with eventual maintenance plans installed.

Every person has strength of 'vital force' specific to them, thus reaching homoeostasis will differ from person to person, some people require more time to achieve wellness than others. Patience and acceptatance will be important as you discover how your body works to regain its natural health. You will be pleased you put in the effort.

Review appointments usually take between -3/4 hour and like the Initial consultation are claimable from your health fund if you have extras cover.

For more information, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding any of my services.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Adv Dip. App. Sc. Hnrs. Naturopathy

Massage cert 4.  Cupping

Dry needling  Biomesoptherapy

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