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Find your balance discover good health - Naturally

My Professional aim:

To help you, help yourself regain, then maintain the balance your body seeks and needs to prevent chronic illness. I work with you as an individual, with realistic goals, avoiding excessive or over restrictive regimes. Once balance of health is achieved you will enjoy better physical & mental health and benefit long term  with stronger immunity and improved vitality

Herbal, Homoeopathic Medicines and Nutritional supplements

Natural medicines are prescribed and work brilliantly to relieve symptoms of acute respiratory illness such as colds, flues, hayfever and sinus congestion, throat, chest or ear infection. Also acute gastric upsets, bowel and urinary imbalance. Intolerances and allergies can also be relieved and dealt with effectively.

In fact there are natural therapy protocols for all systems of the body to be utilised, even if you are on permanent pharmaceutical medications.

Due to their ease and safety they are lovely especially for children who have their immune systems regulary tested and compromised at child care and school. As a parent If you want to avoid repetitive antibiotic or analgesic use, look to natural medicines as a way of helping your children through times of illness without suppressing the natural growth of their immunity.

It is often surprising to parents just how simple and effective homoeopathics are in supporting their children's health.

Importantly natural medicines and supplements can be used as part of an ongoing treatment plan for chronic problems that progressively get worse or 'dont seem to go away'. For example: Trouble skin and hair, musculo-skeletal pain, persistant gastrointestinal or respiratory disorders. Hormonal imbalance and associated problems with menstruation, menopause and fertility can also be managed with natural medicines.

Medicines can assist with sleep & mood disorders triggered by hormonal imbalance, recent trauma, long term emotional or physical stress. These problems can affect people of all ages for various reasons at different times during life, with symptoms occurring occasionally or persistantly.

Natural therapies are a wonderful, safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs which can eventually become a health burdon, with dependence on these types of medications common. Natural medicines are non addictive and side effects are virtually non existant also. Specific doses are prescribed to suit every individual depending on their current health status and can easily be changed, even ceased as health and strength of the vital force/energy is regained.

Sensitivity regarding supplements suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans are available. And all my professional brand products are made in Australia and of highest quality.

Lifestyle & Nutrition

Of course lifestyle & nutrition play a huge part in your wellness and thus will be assessed as part of the consultation. Suggestions may be made as to how you can best enhance and manage your health including food intake.
The Mediherb Detox and Eating well for your health protocols are popular in clinic as they are not difficult to do and easy to follow using your own information/recipe book and specialised supplements that assist the plan's efficacy.

If you suspect food intolerances are causing your allergy type symptoms which may include skin, digestive or mood disturbances, then a Food Detective test can assist you in learning which food proteins you are currently reacting to. It tests 49 different foods and gives you an understanding of whether you are mild, moderate or severely intolerant. Protocols thereafter will have the results of the test in mind.

Finding the most suitable exercise regime for you will also be an important part of wellness and together with diet will give you a better result.
Help can be given to you in printed form eg. patient information hand outs, recipes or shopping lists, food product suggestions etc.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is a therapy that is useful for clearing of sinuses, nasal and ear passages where blockages build from excess ear wax, mucous congestion, dust/foreign particles, or dry skin.
A gentle chimney effect occurs as the beeswax candle burns promoting a gentle drawing up and evaporation of inner ear and nasal impurities.

A soft crackle is all that is heard and nothing is felt during treatment.

Ear candling is a safe alternative to hot water syringe treatment, it is gentle and relaxing to have done and suitable for all ages especially wonderful for children whose inner ear tubes are narrow and sensitive.

Great for maintaining clear healthy ear & nasal passages when sinus problems are chronic.
Very popular in my clinic with children and also those who suffer ear problems when flying.

Dry Needling

Working with fine accupuncture needles to stimulate and release myofacial trigger points found by palpation withing a taut skeletal muscle. The hyper-irritable trigger points cause local and reffered pain, as well as impaired movement within the musle & other associated muscles.

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